Cherry Picker and Operator Hire

We offer Cheery Picker hire, all hire comes with a fully licensed operator. We offer free quotations, which we can submit in writing via e mail and are VAT registered.

We have our booms/hoists tested every 6 months to ensure the safety of the workers using our vehicles. This testing process is mandatory and is equivalent to having an MOT on your car.

We are IPAF trained and CSCS card holders (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). We also hold certificates in Signing, Lighting and Guarding.

If you would like more information or to talk to us about booking one of our vehicles please don’t hesiate to get in contact today. We are always here to help, whether the job is 30 minutes or a full day.

CTE Z20 - 20 Metres

CTE 20

This model CTE has a articulated and telescopic boom and with its zero tail swing and light weight chassis it makes it ideal for working in town centres and pedestrianised areas.

It is very popular with Tree Surgeons, Roofers, Pest Prevention, Surveyors, Sealed unit fitting and General Building Maintenance.

As with all of our equipment it is hired under CPA terms and conditions available online or by email if

Maximum Length in travel position          6600 mm
Maximum weight in travel position           2100 mm
Maximum height in travel position            2900 mm
Boom Weight                                                    1800 kg
Stabilizer load weight                                     2800 daN
Load Capacity with stabilizers                     200 kg
Maximum Working height                           17.80 m
Maximum Out Reach                                     9.0 m

For more information and pricing please don’t hesitate to contact us today and we will be happy to help.

Bison TKA 26 KS - 26 Metres

WUMAG 26 1

In any job up to the maximum horizontal outreach of 19.5 m the robust double telescope on the TKA 26 KS ensures a feeling of particular stability and safety. As on all BISON aerial work platforms, all the hoses, lines and extension mechanisms are excellently protected inside the boom system. Smooth surfaces and clear line direction characterise the external appearance. The TKA 26 KS is an ideal unit e.g. for tree maintenance and painting buildings. Through the very compact dimensions and variable outrigger system the platform can be optimally used in narrow streets and in very tight working conditions.

Slewing within the width of the vehicle – this advantage is only achievable with the patented counter slewing system. Preventing the need for blocking off opposite carriageways and problem-free deployment in the tightest spaces illustrate the unmatched advantages of the KS series.

Greatest-possible safety and protection of the unit on any terrain – thanks to the automated outriggers and automatic setup levelling all four stabilisers are extended at the same time and the stabilised position can be attained particularly comfortably.

Max. working height 26.0 m
Max. basket floor level 24.0 m
Max. horizontal working area 19.5 m / 100 kg
with basket load 16.1 m / 280 kg

Ariel Ascendant - 22 Metres


SWL                                             280kg
Max working height               22m
Max platform height               2om
Max working outreach           17m (10m restricted)
Cage dimensions                     1.2m x 1.8m x 1.1m
Cage rotate                                 160 deg.
Closed height                            3.5m
Closed width                             2.45m
Travelling length                     3.9m
Weight of unit                           7300kg inc. vehicle

Formed from structural quality aluminium tubes the top rail is set back from the front of the cage providing finger protection and also presenting a flush face for the cage easing the problems associated with carrying large, flat objects e.g. overhead signs.

A three stage telescopic main boom coupled to an independent fly boom forms the general concept of this particular unit.

Having an uninterrupted plan area of 1.2m x 1.8m the assembly Is suitable for 3 men and tools working. The cage features a high kick-board and a mesh floor. Powered 160-deg. rotation will be incorporated.

The front rail of the cape is detachable revealing support tubes for a standard TV Camera. A retractable sign support tray is included on underside of the cage, when deployed it forms a u shaped cavity suitable for signs weighing up to 100kg. Road lights will be included in the kick plate.

The main boom is driven in and out via a single telescope ram and system of wire ropes. The main boom is some 2.4m long end has an operating arc of 125 deg.

Cage levelling is effected via a closed loop master/slave hydraulic cylinder arrangement complete with manual trimming valve.

The boom sections are formed from prefabricated folded sections seam weled together to produce a 6 sided box.

For more information and pricing please don’t hesitate to contact us today and we will be happy to help.